Dance macabre
Dear Stephen!
(Sounds like dear Santa)
I hope you can see these illustrations for your books due the internet (facebook or twitter) may be, hope you like them all as I do. I am fond of your books and very proud of opportunity to make arts for your great novels. May be you (who is reading this massage now) can show the pictures to Stephen. Who knows how it all works. I still hope. Dreams come true. I believe.
My Twitter is @vilebedeva
The Mist

Sleeping beauties


Lisey's Story​​​​​​​
The bazaar of bad dreams​​​​​​​
Declined illustration for a horror book ​​​​​​​
Mr. Mercedes​​​​​​​
Finders keepers​​​​​​​
End of watch. (The third book of triology)​​​​​​​
Night shift​​​​​​​
Colorado Kid​​​​​​​
Fan art for two novels (desperation and the regulators)
Here I m going to add more illustrations for Stephen King later. See you)

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