A few words about the book cover creation. It was a difficult and long-term project for me. Now I can show the process and sketches which were used there. The art was very detailed. Also the project included some special materials the book was made of. The picture should be not dark to be printed on metallized foil. 
The next sketch was used as a flyleaf for this book. 
I decided to use a part of it only to make it more mysterious and not so scary at the same time. Here it is. 
And the next picture is how it looks in the book. That was real magic. 
The title of the book. 
Some character sketches for the cover. Some of them were not used in the final picture. 
The back of the cover with no text yet. 
I drew the castle to fill the gap but it should be low-contrast so you could easily read the text above. 
I am fond of cute details in the book cover which you can not see immediatly, so I decided to add some. 
These creatures live there now. =)
When the book the book was in my hands, I saw awesome effect which occured due to metallized foil. 
The characters, the crimson strip started levitating. That was absolutely great.

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