A short story about a small cardboard girl. ​​​​​​​
The story started long time ago. 
This girl was afraid of everything out-of-doors.
But anyway she decided to go somewhere by train.
 She got a ticket to a secret land. 
She saw many wonderful things around.
Sometimes she felt deeply sad, (because of the weather, for example). 
Sometimes she could not do what she really wanted (lack of skills in this case).  
Then she met a true friend to talk about  anything and to walk anywhere.
There is always spring after a cold cold winter.
And troubles also happen here.
But nobody knows what makes us feel happy.
It is so cool to make presents.
And it is so cool to have somebody to help and somebody helping you. 
And it so cool to dance with no music sometimes.
After some time many great awesome things began to happen to the cardboard girl.
Dreaming, drawing and coffee.
Even a sudden night flight.
So many things you can do and feel together. 
To be continued... As they used to write.

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